Homeadapt Elite Outdoor Stairlift

The Homeadapt Elite Outdoor Stairlift is designed for use on outdoor stairways. It is suitable for straight or curved stairways and has many weather-protection features including a cover for when the stairlift is not in use. The stairlift has a height-adjustable padded seat, and adjustable armrests and footrest. Flip-up armrests and the swivel seat allow for a smooth transfer from a wheelchair. The stairlift battery is continuously charged on the track and will continue to work for between 28 and 26 hours in the event of a power cut. Weatherproof remote controls with key-switches are supplied as standard. The seat and footrest can be folded away when the stairlift is not in use so other people can continue to use the staircase. The rail is installed less than 13cm from the wall. Rail extensions are available as required.

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Seat pad size: (44.5cm(w) x 38cm(d)
Adjustable armrests width up to 55cm
Footrest: 25.4cm(l) x 23cm(w)

Maximum user weight:



24VDC comprised of 2 each 7AH 12V sealed maintenance-free lead acid batteries;
On/Off power switch to prevent battery drain over lengthy storage periods

Additional information:

Suitable for use in termperature range -18°C to 52°C, exterior paint protection all steel surfaces, marine-grade vinyl finish on seat and armrests