Otolift Two Curved Stairlift (Ruby and Sapphire)

The Otolift Two Curved Stairlift (Ruby and Sapphire) is a stairlift designed for curved staircases. It is fitted on the wall side of the stairs and has a compact design. The stairlift is powered by two batteries that are automatically charged when the lift is parked in its original position. The charging is done automatically via the two charging stations positioned on the rail. In the event of a power cut, the stairlift will function without interruption.

The footrest, armrest and seat all fold away and the stairlift takes up a minimum of space when not in use. The stairlift is set in motion using an operating ball on top of the armrest. The ball shape allows the user to operate the lift easily. The Ruby is supplied with a remote control as standard for summoning and sending the lift, with no cables required. A heavy-duty version of the stairlift is also available for larger users.

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Stock availability may vary. Check details with your chosen supplier.

Maximum user weight:

Standard: 130kg
Heavy-duty: 165kg

System requirements:

Electricity Supply: 230V Phase 1 socket in the vicinity of the stairs for the battery charger

Optional extras:

A model suitable for children is available
A model suitable for someone with stiff limbs and joints is available
A partly weather-resistant model is available, other applications possible upon request


Stairlift frame: light grey, cream
Seat coverings and backrest: violet, burgundy, navy blue, grey, brown, green, red, light brown
Imitation leather options: hazelnut, burgundy, black, midnight blue

Standard features:

Speed: variable to max 0.15m/sec with soft start and stop
Motor: 300W
Controls: on the chair, in the left or right armrest
Call and send switch at the top and bottom of the stairs
Rail: running track supplied with powder coating, mounted on the stair treads
Safety features: pressure-sensitive features under the footrest and chair, side panels, driving mechanism, rollup safety belt