Let's Go 1, 2, 3 Special Needs Car Seat

Let's Go 1, 2, 3 Special Needs Car Seat is a range of car seats for children with special needs. Suitable for fitting in most car types, the chair uses the existing three-point safety belt fitted in the rear seat. Three frame sizes are available for children of up to 75kgs. Features include a super slim swivel turn-out base for left side (right side optional); optional lateral, head, side and leg supports; Iso-Fix adaptor (for stability in vehicle); adjustable footrest, pommell, playtray, options; five-point harness as standard; and a backrest with recline function.

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Size 1: 43cm-51cm(h) x 27cm-31cm(w) x 28cm-33cm(d)
Size 2: 49cm-57cm(h) x 31cm-35cm(w) x 34cm-39cm(d)
Size 3: 58cm-69cm(h) x 36cm-40cm(w) x 40cm-46cm(d)

Optional extras:

Wide range of optional extras available

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Available in three sizes:
Let's - Go 1: Approx. ages 3-10 years
Let's - Go 2: Approx. ages 5-12 years
Let's - Go 3: For up to 75kgs