Play Special Needs Car Seat

The Play Special Needs Car Seat provides added support for children with special needs, and can be adjusted to suit the child. Suitable for children from 15kg up to 36kg. The car seat is available with Iso-Fix for stability when fitted to a vehicle, and swivel base access to help simplify entry and exit. The seat is fitted with a five-point support harness with shoulder and abdominal padding as standard. The seats are customised to suit each child's needs.

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Stock availability may vary. Check details with your chosen supplier.


Seat width: 26cm-29cm
Seat depth: 32cm-42cm
Back height: 35cm-52cm

Optional extras:

Lateral trunk support pads, abductor pommell, insert seat cushion, insert back cushion, seat cushion extension, increased recline options, adjustable footrest, padded playtray, swivel access base (passenger or driver side options), Iso-Fix stability bracket