Kes-Vir Boys Swimming Trunks

The Kes-Vir Boys Swimming Trunks have an integral swim-nappy to ensure that solid waste is contained while swimming.

Elasticated waist and leg cuffs provide comfort and security, while the invisible swim-nappy can improve the user's confidence.

The inner nappy is made from waterproof, breathable polyurethane, and the outer fabric is chlorine resistant polyester to ensure durability in the pool environment.

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3-4 yrs
Waist: 39cm - 52cm
Upper leg: 24cm - 32cm

5-6 yrs
Waist: 43cm - 58cm
Upper leg: 26cm - 34cm

7-8 yrs
Waist: 46cm - 61cm
Upper leg: 28cm - 36cm