Urias Pressure Splints

These inflatable splints provide even pressure to the arms, legs, hands and feet. They can be used in rehabilitation following brain injury to help prevent spasticity and odema. The splints have a double layer of transparent PVC sheeting with a zipper closure.

The splint is applied to the limb and then inflated. When inflated the inner layer of the splint conforms to the users limb to provide uniform pressure and support. The splints transparency aids correct positioning. The inflation can be achieved orally, with a mouthpiece, or with a hand pump. Some of the splints have two inflation chambers, so different amounts of pressure can be applied to different sections of the limb. The range includes inflatable splints for the arm, leg, elbow, foot, hand and fingers. These splints are available in a range of different sizes from paediatric to adult and there are also bariatric spints available. 

Urias Mouthpieces and Filter Bottles are also available. These devices provide hygienic inflation techniques. Extension Tube Connectors are also available separately and they facilitate inflation of all Urias inflatable splints.

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