Aquaform Humerus Fracture Brace

The brace is used to immobilise the arm and shoulder and is suitable for use where humerus fractures have occurred. This brace has an integral zipper, which facilitates the correct alignment and positioning of the splint. The splint is made from perforated splinting material, which keeps the skin cool and comfortable. It is available in three sizes for both arms.

Aquaform pre-cut splints are made from Aquaplast material. This material retains 100% memory for the revision of splints. When heated the material becomes transparent for greater observation when applying and to monitor pressure areas. The material also allows X-rays to pass through it, so progress can be monitored without having to remove the splint.

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Wrist circumference:
Small: 21.6cm - 28.2cm
Medium: 28.3cm - 37.1cm
Large: 37.2cm - 45.7cm

Additional information:

Perforation: 4%