Amie and Gem Tunstall Personal Triggers

The Amie and Gem Tunstall Personal Triggers are personal emergency call buttons that allow the user to make an emergency phone call when the phone is out of reach. The triggers can be used up to 50m from the alert unit. The Amie trigger is designed to be carried discreetly while the Gem trigger can be used by people with limited dexterity. The triggers are supplied with a neck cord and use a 173MHz frequency.

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Amie: 3.1cm(w) x 5.8cm(h) x 1.6cm(d)
Gem: 4.9cm(w) x 4.8cm(h) x 1.6cm(d)


Amie: 20g
Gem: 25g


Amie: 5 years battery life
Gem: 5 years battery life