Bellman Visit Pager

The Bellman Visit Pager is a portable and wireless personal alert system that monitors events around the user's home or office. The cordless system consists of four transmittors and a pager or receiver. A transmitter is placed at a sound source eg near the telephone, main door, car alarm etc. When the device is triggered the transmitter sends a signal back to the vibrating Visit Pager (pictured left), or the loud audible Portable Visit Receiver, or the Visit Flash Receiver to alert the user. The Pager and Portable Receiver give different vibrate and audible responses for each signal transmitted and each can monitor up to eight separate transmitters.

The front of the Bellman Visit Pager has images of the devices being monitered around the house. There is an LED below each image. When the phone rings the pager vibrates and the LED below the picture of the phone lights up. The Visit Portable Receiver uses sound and light to get the attention of the user. The Bellman Visit Flash Receiver uses distinct flashes and indicates the type of signal with different coloured LEDs. The Visit Pager can be recharged overnight using the Bellman Visit Charger. While the Visit Pager is charging it can be connected to two bedshakers that alert you while you sleep. 

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AA recharable batteries for transmitters, receivers and pager

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Variety of transmitters available which include Telephone Transmitter, Door Tranmitter, Smoke Alarm Transmitter, and Baby-Cry Transmitter.
Low battery warning indicator