Unwin Best Vest Harness

The Unwin Best Vest Harness is a positioning device designed to secure and position the seatbelt on the shoulder. Available in sizes between five years and adult, the Unwin Best Vest Harness is suitable for wheelchair-based passengers and can be worn in conjunction with a booster seat.

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Children's height and chest sizing:
Child Bestvest Size 1: 116cm-128cm (height) x 60cm-64cm (chest)
Child Bestvest Size 2: 128cm-140cm (height) x 64cm-70cm (chest)
Child Bestvest Size 3: 140cm-152cm (height) x 70cm-78cm (chest)
Child Bestvest Size 4: 152cm-164cm (height) x 78cm-86cm (chest)

Adult chest sizing:
Adult Bestvest Small: 86cm-97cm (chest)
Adult Bestvest Medium: 97cm-108cm (chest)
Adult Bestvest Large: 108cm-119cm (chest)
Adult Bestvest XLarge: 119cm-130cm (chest)