Kirton GE-11 Tilt-in-Space Chair

The Kirton GE-11 Tilt-in-Space Chair is suitable for use in the home, hospital or a care establishment. It has many features to help with weight distribution and pressure care management. The tilt-in-space action, the height-adjustable leg rest, the backrest made from a mouldable foam, and lateral supports all provide comfort, support and pressure relief. The height and angle of the footboard is adjustable, as is the seat length. There is a choice of three seat modules to choose from depending on the level of pressure care required by the user. A flat seat board can be fitted if the user prefers to use their own pressure-relieving cushion. The chair is upholstered in a vapour-permeable fabric in a wide range of patterns and colours.

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Length when tilted-in space and legrest raised: 170cm
Two chair widths available: 70cm and 80cm
Two seat widths: 45cm and 55cm

Maximum user weight:


Optional extras:

Selection of cushioned headrests, leg-laterals, negative legrest angle bracket, laminated tray including straps, headcap, lap-belts, pelvic positioners

Additional information:

Manual, regulated motion or electrically powered tilt-in-space and legrest elevation