Ulises Evo Special Needs Stroller

The Ulises Evo Special Needs Stroller features adjustable seat depth and backrest tilt angle, while integrated belts and supports aim to keep the child secure in the seat. The buggy can be folded for transporting purposes; its small size when folded is designed to fit into small car boots.

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Size 1: 94cm(l) x 57cm(w) x 102cm(h)
Size 1a: 110cm(l) x 57cm(w) x 107cm(h)
Size 2: 110cm(l) x 63cm(w) x 107cm(h)
Size 2a: 127cm(l) x 63cm(w) x 112cm(h)
Size 3: 127cm(l) x 69cm(w) x 112cm(h)


Size 1: 18.5kg
Size 1a: 19.5kg
Size 2: 20kg
Size 2a: 21.5kg
Size 3: 22kg

Maximum user weight:

Size 1: 55kg
Size 1a: 55kg
Size 2: 75kg
Size 2a: 75kg
Size 3: 75kg

Optional extras:

Lifting bar, umbrella, tray, folding canopy, rain cover, mosquito net, headrest cotton cover, cup holder, Elastico cushion seat, Elastico cushion backrest, wheel covers, summer footmuff, winter footmuff, hood for winter footmuff, seat cushion (pommel shape), seat cushion (thighs shape)


Size 1: Green Grass
Size 1a: Hot Red
Size 2: Blue Sea
Size 2a: Blue Wave
Size 3: Grey Vulcano