Qimova Paedatric Powerchair

The Qimova Paedatric Powerchair is a smaller version of the Qimova Comfort Wheelchair, and it is designed especially for small children. It features an effective seat width of 32cm and seat depth of 30cm, extra short legrests and backrest. It is designed to adjust and evolve with the user over time. Features include an adjustable wheel base with five colour options, manual adjustable seat height, adjustable centre of gravity, front or rear-wheel drive, height-adjustable backrest, width and length-adjustable seat, 45° tilt-in-space with anterior tilt, a fully-reclining backrest, fully articulating legrests with soft adjustable calf supports, and height, angle and length-adjustable arm rests. A choice of upholstery, including water and incontinence proof options, is available.

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Total length (with legrests and 16” wheels): 82cm(min), 92cm(max)
Total width (with 16” wheels): 60.3cm(min), 70.3cm(max)



Optional extras:

Wide range of optional extras are available

Additional information:

Qimova wheelchairs are designed and tailor-made to fit the exact measurements of any user. Different wheel sizes, both rear- and front-wheel drive, are available. The chair is also available in powered or manual, gas-operated or automatic versions.